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Jonathan Morrill Original Acrylic Website Launched

May 13th, 2015

Jonathan Morrill Original Acrylic Website Launched

This is the virtual gallery of Jonathan Morrill, where you can see premiere acrylic paintings unveiled.
and visit old haunts too.

From childhood memories to celluloid dreams,
from monsters and mai tais to cryptozoology,
from forgotten time chords in dusty places
to unknown realms hiding in space,
Jonathan Morrill creates work born out of intense concentration
that are threaded with colors which make them appear different to every eye that sees them.

Here you can view, and purchase, original pieces, prints, throw pillows, metal plates,
iPhone cases, greeting cards, and duvet covers.

Please feel free to visit anytime, and often, and leave a comment,
suggestion or message about any of these unique and original acrylic paintings.